First PLS Award

Addinsoft, together with scientists recognized as major contributors to the advances in PLS related methods, has decided to reward the carrier of Michel Tenenhaus, professor at HEC Business School (Paris, France) with the first PLS Award, a new prize aimed at recognizing an outstanding scientific contribution in the area of PLS regression and/or PLS approach modeling. Michel Tenenhaus who will be retiring in fall, has been a major contributor to the PLS methods, with his unique book on PLS regression and his major contributions to the PLS approach.

Vincenzo Esposito Vinzi (left) and Michel Tenenhaus (right) during the 3rd PLS workshop held at ESSEC

Addinsoft will continue to support research in this domain and announces that the second PLS award will be attributed in 2010 to a scientist that promoted the PLS methods by either a theoretical or an applied contribution.

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