Addinsoft and Statistical Innovations Inc sign a new partnership

Addinsoft and Statistical Innovations announce a new partnership to distribute each other’s products. Addinsoft is as of today embedding Statistical Innovations CORExpress® technology - the first software for Correlated Component Regression (CCR) - in the XLSTAT® software suite, the leading statistical solution for MS Excel®. The new module, XLSTAT-CCR, allows MS Excel® and XLSTAT® users to produce optimal linear models when the predictors (explanatory variables) are correlated. Many important applications of such models exist in Marketing Research, Chemometrics, Genomics, Finance as well as other fields dealing with large datasets with correlated predictors.

Boston based company Statistical Innovations Inc. believes that Addinsoft approach for making powerful statistical techniques available to MS Excel® users provides great value for end-users. This is why Statistical Innovations Inc. has decided to promote and distribute XLSTAT®, and to offer training courses to XLSTAT® users both in the USA and Canada.

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