The data analysis add-in solution for Microsoft® Excel®

XLSTAT is a suite of statistical add-ins for Microsoft Excel that has been developed since 1993 by Addinsoft to enhance the analytical capabilities of Microsoft Excel. Since 2003, Addinsoft is a Microsoft partner and all the XLSTAT analytical add-ins are registered on the Office Marketplace.

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The XLSTAT software relies on Microsoft Excel for the input of data and the display of results. This makes the software very convenient to share data and results. Computations are done using autonomous software components that are optimized for speed and efficiency. The XLSTAT results are benchmarked against other statistical packages so that you always have reliable findings.

The Addinsoft statistics add-ins offer a wide range of statistical and data analysis functions, ranging from descriptive statistics to multivariate data analysis. Many statistical add-ins for MS Excel exist. However, XLSTAT is the one that offers the largest number of analytical options.

XLSTAT easily adapts to your analytical business needs as it proposes several field-specific solutions. Whether you deal with consumer science, or assess effects of drugs, or analyze time series - among other activities, XLSTAT can fulfill your statistical needs with its dedicated solutions. Also, Addinsoft has a very competitive pricing policy.