XLSTAT-R is coming soon. Beta Testers are welcome!

XLSTAT-R is a revolutionary interface designed to use and write R procedures within XLSTAT dialog boxes in Microsoft Excel. End-users take complete advantage of the unlimited R possibilities without even leaving Microsoft Excel where their data are stored. XLSTAT-R has now been released.

XLSTAT-R: A flexible interface that joins the strengths of R, XLSTAT and MS Excel

With XLSTAT-R, you will be able to:

  • Use many already built R procedures on your data in Excel. The procedures appear in the form of user-friendly dialog boxes calling XLSTAT and R in the background and using Microsoft Excel for input and output;
  • Edit your own combined R and XLSTAT procedures within XLSTAT dialog boxes using XML code templates;
  • Publicly share your procedures;

XLSTAT-R has been released. Try it now!