XLSTAT Award at Sensometrics 2012

In its continuous effort to support advances in applied statistics, Addinsoft sponsored the 11th Sensometrics Conference (11th-13th July 2012, Rennes, France), and created the Best Young Researcher Award with a 1000 Euros prize, where the laureate is designated by the scientific committee of the conference.

Emmanuel Jakobowicz from Addinsoft remitted the award to Cécile Bavay (Reasearch group in food product and food processing - Groupe ESA - École Supérieure d'Agriculture - Angers) for her outstanding work and her presentation entitled "Methodological development for sensory evaluation of product presenting biological variability: a case study on apple". The co-authors of the paper are R. Symoneaux, I. Maitre, A. Kuznestova, P.B. Brockhoff and E. Mehinagic.

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