XLSTAT 2013.6

Addinsoft gets ready for big data. XLSTAT version 2013.6 is the seed for what will be coming in 2014. Several procedures have been improved to handle some datasets that would have been inconceivable a few years back. Addinsoft CEO, Thierry Fahmy, says "we have now been in the data analytics business for 15 years, with the mission to make it more user friendly and cheaper. Our continuous growth and our tens of thousands of users tell us that we succeeded. Our goal is now to go even further and do the same for larger data sets, and for a group of users with less analytical skills"

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This module focuses on Analysis of Variance, but this technique makes assumptions about the underlying distributions in our data

This course covers the excellent features in XLSTAT for investigating, visualising and modelling data sets with measurements on many variables.

This short course delivered online will show consumer scientists how to set up and learn about the routines available in XLSTAT for relating consumer acceptability to sensory/analytic measures.

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