Conjoint analysis made easy thanks to XLSTAT-Conjoint

Setting up a conjoint analysis can be tedious and expensive. With XLSTAT-Conjoint, your conjoint analysis can be prepared and analyzed in just a few clicks.

XLSTAT-Conjoint is a module for marketers. It empowers you to find out the expectations of consumers towards new products and to model their choices thanks to conjoint analyses. Two methods of conjoint analysis are available: full profile conjoint analysis and choice based conjoint analysis (CBC).

XLSTAT-Conjoint analysis software is a statistical program which allows you to run through all the analytical steps of conjoint analysis from the design of experiments to the simulation of new markets, through data analysis with specific regression methods – MONANOVA, multinomial logit, etc.

Tutorials for conjoint analysis with XLSTAT-Conjoint are available:

  • For full profile conjoint analysis, click here.
  • For choice-based conjoint analysis, click here.

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